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    I just updated to use a real theme instead of a reworked old skin. Since I’m both Mac and Linux challenged I’d appreciate knowing if stuff lines up correctly, etc., on those platforms. I’ve tested under XP using IE 6, Firefox 1 and Opera 7.5.

    comments and feedback gratefully appreciated!

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  • In Safari 1.3 the right edge of your left column is being covered by the center column.

    Not that I know CSS well enough to explain why, just a heads up.

    Argh. It’s hard to fix what I can’t see! Can you give me more info, miklb? Does the text in the left column appear too wide? Or is the left column narrower than the right column? Does the text in the left column appear centered? Thanks!

    In Safari 2.0, “Thought of the Minute” is appearing as “Thought of the Minut” if that helps you any.

    I feel you. I just looked at my site for the first time in IE 6 windows, and it didn’t look good. Windows firefox was fine.
    Anyway, I guess you could say the left column is to wide, as the right edge is “under” the center column. Not too much mind you, only 10px maybe?

    Same in FF 1.0.3

    Thanks for the help!

    What happened was that I forgot to set a max_width on the headline image so it wasn’t wrapping. My DOH moment of the week!

    It should be fixed now, so if you could take another peek that would be cool!

    Looks great.


    Great site! Love the look, was a little slow to load for me (graphics-heavy, and I’m on dialup) but worth it. I got a big laugh out of the “suit search”…. as the mother of a daughter who was always a clothes-horse and has the figure to BE one, I can truly empathize…. (I get to laugh too: she now has a 13 year old daughter of her own: what goes around, comes around!)

    I’m linking to you – your slant on things is a lot like mine….

    Hey, thanks! Leave a comment or something so I can reciprocate.

    Yeah… I can remember my mama saying with a bit of glee in her voice after playing with my son (then about 3), “you got one just like you. hahahaha”

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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