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  • Hi,

    I got the strange experience, that when I want to upload something via FTP-Transfer-Method, I always get the error-message: “Upload failed! Unknown error.”

    FTP-Logindata is correct (tested it in Browser) and I also gave the Folder, where I want to upload the files (within the uploads) 777 rights.

    Still I get this error.

    When I use the default method, it works, but only for files smaller than 30MB. I need to upload up to 80MB. I already set

    max_execution_time = 220 (is max_execution_time necessary at all?)
    upload_max_filesize = 120M

    So I’d prefer to use the ftp-method, which still doesn’t work.

    See for yourself:

    Last upload-button (Videodatei (max. 80 MB)) is the one, I’ve set to FTP-method.

    Tanks a lot for your help in advance.

    Greetz, Hannes

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  • Another question: Is it possible to upload to a folder which is outside th wp-content-folder (= root-directory of the site)?

    Greetz, Hannes

    Hi lifechange,

    First I think it’s unsafe to give folder a 777 permission and giving the public an access to upload files on your server. Someone might upload a malicious file and ruin your server.

    As for the upload limit, have you restarted your apache already?

    For the last questions, read the response of wpforum1 in this link:


    Hi joetheinsider,

    thanks for your advice. I have restarted the server. Filepath is also correct (I had already read the post you linked), ftp-login-data is also correct (tested it in browser), max_file_upload is 120BM, max_execution_time is set to the server limit of 220. No other server restrictions.

    I tried to upload a small file, but i still get the error:

    Upload failed! Unknown error.

    Standard upload, however, works. But I have sometimes large files to upload, therefore I would prefer FTP.

    Any clue, what I can try?

    Thanks a lot in advance.


    Is there a possibility to toggle active/passive mode?

    Thanks, Hannes

    Hi Hannes,

    I assume “120BM” is just a typo and it should be “120M”?

    You may want to increase “post_max_size” as well to the same or higher max file you want to upload as it may timeout before the upload completes.

    Also check that you don’t have limitation with a user php.ini or at .htaccess.

    Good luck.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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