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    In addition to the annoying notification that is displayed every single day, FooGallery now displays an equally irritating blue badge next to the wp-admin UI in an attempt to upsell users back to pro.

    Will this go away if I delete the account info? Is it possible to use FooGallery Pro after deleting the account info?

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  • Hi @amateurhr,

    My understanding is that the admin upgrade prompt should not be happening every day. I’ve set up a test site to check this and will see if it shows up for me tomorrow. It may be that something is a bit out of sync. I’ll check this tomorrow and will get back to you.

    With regard to the blue badge next to the wp-admin UI – are you able to take a screenshot of that and reply back with a link where I can see this? I am not seeing this on my test system so again would like to get more information about what it is you are seeing and see what we can do about it.

    Thanks in advance.

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    This is what the blue dot looks like in my admin view. Couple follow-up questions:
    1. Is it possible to get rid of this by removing my account from the Account tab?
    2. If I remove my account, will I lose access to Foogallery pro features?

    Hi @amateurhr,

    Thanks for the screenshot – that was very helpful.

    I’ve checked with our development team and they have advised that the upgrade notification should not be appearing every day. The upgrade notification isn’t directly part of our plugin but is part of the code included with the licensing system we use (Freemius).

    When a user dismisses the upgrade notice it is supposed to mark it as dismissed in the Freemius licensing system account associated with the user and NOT show the reminder again for some time. It should definitely not be happening every day.

    Because it’s not part of our core plugin (just the licensing code we include) there’s nothing specific I can suggest to fix it. What I can do is give you a Freemius reset plugin that you can run which will reset all of the Freemius related data stored in your WordPress database. This will mean your FooGallery license settings will be fully reset (your actual gallery settings will remain) and this hopefully will fix the issue you are having. You will need to enter your FooGallery Pro license key again.

    Would you please contact me directly at and I’ll walk you through the process of doing this and see if it solves the issue for you.

    To answer your second question, yes, if you fully disconnect your Pro license from your installed FooGallery Pro plugin then it will not know that you are a Pro user and disable the Pro features.

    So drop me a line at the above email so I can work with you directly on this and let’s see if we can get you sorted.

    Actually, I think it might not be the upsell alert at all.

    Hey FooGallery, your image generation test may be broken! ;D I get a persistent alert too, and it’s not about the upsell, but rather about a file being missing…

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    @ellmanncreative – the thumbnail generation message has been discussed on the other topic you have opened. I am closing this topic

    Hi @ellmanncreative,

    That is very likely to be an entirely separate issue. Would you please open a separate support ticket for that so we can ensure both issues get the best support?

    Thanks in advance,


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