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    (@otto42) Admin

    @cg-team please explain your actions here. Are you actively interfering with translations? Are you adding credits or advertisements? Do you understand that this will result in a ban?

    @tacoverdo Hi,

    this man(@themefour) just change my sentence with 2 different word that in Persian structure language is not true. he use google translate for Persian language but he does not know google translate is not good for Persian sentences. because of this reason i reject his translation.

    I’ve translate many plugins/themes and contribute wordpress project. i do n’t add advertisment in add my name in yoast seo premium with out any links and send for just for persian contributer info if they want suggest new translation string i approve them.If my action in premium version of yoast is outlaw please let me know.
    thank you.

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    @cg-team You lie!!!!!! He just does not want to delete his own translation! Even the translation did not change. I’m disappointed with the yoast team, which has been a major part of this person. Sorry for Yoast Team

    I know there are a lot of complaints about the yoast team for this translation! But yoast does not want to act.
    @cg-team Do you translate yourself? Translation was another person and you just changed it! I can not argue with a Jobber person.


    I don’t understand you @themefour. Please be courteous here. I’m contribute from 2013 in no one act like you for translation. I contribute more than 5 years without any problem. I have no problem correcting my translation provided that it is based on the correct Persian language. If i want my own translation for this plugin the other 14 people were not listed on the list of translators. Please see list of translator for this plugin.

    Thank you.

    Plugin Author Taco Verdonschot


    @themefour, can you please link to the translations on instead of taking screenshots? As I don’t speak Persian, it’s impossible to gain any information from a screenshot, whereas the original link -at least- allows me to gain a vague idea using Google Translate.

    Also, before accusing anyone of refusing to act, you are to follow instructions. I clearly asked to send an email to with your complaint. So far, you have failed to do so.

    @cg-team, earlier in this thread @otto42 already warned you that including your own name, or any information that’s not in the original string, isn’t allowed. It doesn’t matter if it’s a link or not, you are to translate the strings as we put them in the plugin. Please make sure this is the case for all approved strings.

    @cg-team Just say, you have tricked the team Yoast.

    With 5 years of experience, your name as you put an ad in the translations.
    Reject my report?

    We send the full email with the documentation and link to the team yoast. Thanks.

    @tacoverdo Ok no problem

Viewing 9 replies - 16 through 24 (of 24 total)
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