[resolved] Perplexing Request: Count and add numbers to just certain posts (1 post)

  1. Josh Leuze
    Posted 7 years ago #

    I have an odd request from a client that I'm not sure how to fulfill.

    The client wants some their posts to be numbered. I have a few ideas of how I could accomplish this for all the posts, but not just some of them.

    For example, lets say they are posting one photograph a day for a year, but they are also making other regular blog posts during that year.

    So the client would have a category called "photos", and the posts in that category need to be numbered 1 through 365; the first post #1, and the last post #365. They client wants these numbers to appear in the post, just as the date and other information do.

    It seems like a simple request, but I can't quite think of a way to pull it off.

    Anyone out there have any ideas? Something obvious that I am missing?

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