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  • ok this is very strange… my WP theme files – example footer.php are set to 644 on chmod/permissions but inside wordpress>presentation>theme editor, I see the button for updating/editing the file!

    that shouldn’t be there since it is set to 644 – not 666!


    I’ve experimented and changes to the file do get saved. I’ve gone in and changed it to 644 to make sure and yes, it is set to 644. But the theme file is editable!

    The theme folder itself is 755 – as it should be:

    what could possibly be going on?

    thanks for any help!

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  • It sounds to me as though your host may be running PHP-CGI under suexec … which will mean the the PHP program (WordPress) is running as *your* user, so it *can* write to file that are set to “664”..


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