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  • I have installed many CMS and most are very hard to customize and look like I want except for WordPress, TextPattern, CMSMS and WebsiteBaker. They have good plugins and template making is far easier than others.

    Does WordPress offer:

    # Multi-level, multi-sectioned, modulated page support.
    # Multiple user and multiple group login.
    # High-level control with Group-based permissions system.

    I want to set-up a site where some content is viewable by the public, some for special user’s such as friends and family and then different static pages only appear for a specific user.

    Can this be done?


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  • gspark


    ha ha you serious ? just kidding :))

    some will tell you wp is a personal blogging software and it sure acts that way, it’s no where near a CMS, however you can fake it to some degree.

    Some of the items you mentioned WP can not do unfortunately, but search through the forum you’ll find creative ways to hack the job done.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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