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  • Step 3 of the installation instruction state: “Set the permissions of wp-content and wp-content/uploads back to 755, e.g. in the terminal: # chmod 755 /var/www/vhosts/”

    What does that mean? I looked all over the settings in the plug in and didn’t see that option. Where do I find it?

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  • That is the command you enter (after your installation is complete) to return the wp-content directory to its default permissions. It is not a setting in the plugin. Your host may be able to provide instructions about using a command-line interface (where you would enter this command) with your server.

    BTW, this is the same process you accomplish in step #1 of the installation. Step one changes the permissions to 777 and step 3 changes them back.

    Good luck!

    Bluehost technical support has no idea what any of that means. That is sad that a system so renowned provides a step that no one at my server understands. The best they could offer is “change each file in those folders to 0755. Wow… that is a lot of work. It’s not clear if which files should be switched to 0755.



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    Bluehost technical support has no idea what any of that means.

    I suggest you ask them again. This should be child’s play to them.

    This link might be helpful

    Do you have a “panel” (probably cpanel) that you log into through Bluehost? You might be able to change the permissions there without using the command line. For example, if you navigate through your file structure to the “wp-content” folder, there is probably a “Change permissions” option somewhere, maybe available by right-clicking/ctrl clicking on the folder.

    As you can see in the link above, 755 is a code that is equivalent to these permissions:
    user – read, write, execute
    group – read, execute
    world – read, execute

    Hope that makes sense. I wasn’t too sure about that bit myself, so hopefully someone will let me know if I’m misunderstanding.

    That helps. Thank you! It is unclear which files and folders to change to 0755 so I changed the Wp-content folder and lots of files. I’ll hope.

    Welcome! Hoping (also crossing your fingers) is the most important step 🙂

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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