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    My Issue,
    Whenever I grab the newest version of WordPress (4.0) from I begin the normal routine of setting up a database on MySQL (I am using MAMP PRO for localhost). Then I navigate to the WordPress local install and begin with the creation of the wp-config.php file. However, every single time WordPress can’t seem to write the wp-config.php file and requests me to create the file. So I create the file and then run through the rest of the install. Then more problems occur, I have to create an .htaccess file in order to change my permalinks, then WordPress asks for FTP information whenever I am adding/removing/updating plugins through the dashboard. I thought I could fix my local install FTP credentials issues by messing around with the wp-config file but still had no luck. So I found out that (sudo chown -R _www jcnuss) would get rid of my FTP credentials problem. Then more problems occur, Compass cannot write the changes I make in my SCSS, so I am forced to do this on the folder (sudo chmod -R 777 jcnuss). My WordPress Install folder is titled jcnuss.

    My question is,
    IS there a way to fix my filesystem permissions issues so that all of these problems don’t occur? I am so frustrated because I have spent so much time just trying to fix each one of these problems but I feel that I need to go after the source of all my problems the permissions issues.

    Any help is appreciated.


    Jameson Nuss

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    I have never used MAMP PRO, but you might search to find out if it has a way to run it with “suPHP” or in “setuid” mode for the PHP CGI.

    Permissions are not the problem, file and process ownership is. If you can set it up so that the PHP process runs as the owner of the PHP files, you won’t have these problems.

    Thank you for the help! Sorry for the delay in reply

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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