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  • Going from version 2.2.11 to 2.2.12 caused an issue with public posts that are hidden for a specific group. It causes these posts to also be hidden for public.

    For example if I have it set up as so:

    ☑ – All other roles
    ☐ – Student
    ☑ – Not logged in users

    Then the pages cannot be viewed on the public side (message: Sorry you have no rights to view this entry!).

    We’ve reverted to 2.2.11 for now and all is working as expected.

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  • Plugin Author GM_Alex


    Hi @tbob21,

    could you please test 2.2.13?

    Version 2.2.13 has the same problem om our sites.

    Plugin Author GM_Alex


    @martenw But the issue for you is also only for “Not logged in user” assignments, right?

    yes, correct.

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    2.2.13 seems to have solved the issue for us. Thanks for the quick update!

    I got message “Sorry, You Are Not Allowed to Access This Page” on every page of after updating to 2.2.12. Disabling the plugin made the pages publicly visible again. As martenw mentioned above, 2.2.13 did not help. I rolled back to 2.2.11 and now things seem to be working correctly.

    How can I help debug this?




    Same here. 2.2.13 did NOT solve the problem.

    Rolling back to 2.2.11 works

    Plugin Author GM_Alex


    @martenw @johannesdb @bakeralanbakernet are you using the multi site feature? Is the issue only for the “Not logged in user” group?



    Nope to multisite.

    Yup – the issue is only with the not logged in users.



    Not using multi site and only for ‘Not logged in’ users


    I am not using multi site. The issue occurs only for users that are not logged in (I don’t have a “Not logged in user” group per se).



    Hallo Alex

    Benutze wordpress 5.7.1.
    Installation UAM 2.2.13 verlief nicht erfolgreich.
    Neuinstallation scheiterte mit der Meldung, das Verzeichnis sei schon vorhanden.

    UAM wurde danach im Plugin Verzeichnis nicht mehr gelistet.
    Alle Dokumente, welche einer Zugangsbeschränkung unterliegen, sind über die Website nicht mehr abrufbar. Kehre zur zu einem früheren backup zurück.



    For me the same. After update from 2.2.11 to 2.2.13, users who have access based on their IP addresses are no longer able to access the members area. Reverting back to 2.2.11 solves the problem.

    Plugin Author GM_Alex


    Could you try 2.2.14 hopefully this will fix it for all of you.



    works here 🙂

    Thanks for the fast fix!

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