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  • I have recently installed WP for my Cubscout Pack’s website so that we can log the activities we do and announce future events. The site is still fairly new and I am working the bugs out.

    Within our organization there is a hierchy: Cubmaster > Den Leaders > Scout Parents > Scouts > Friends and Family. I have 2 main categories; The Pack and Events(using calendar plugin). I then used ‘The Pack’ as a parent to each of the different dens.

    What I am looking to do is assign each user to a position in the hierchy. That way if say the Cubmaster posts something for ‘The Pack’ everyone would receive an email notification, but if a Den Leader posted something for the ‘Wolves’ den only the parents and scouts in that den would receive an email.

    Also, if I could limit the users post to the category they belong?

    I do have some programing experience, but I am just getting into php and mySQL.

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  • If anyone would like the url of my page, I will post it. I didn’t want to post ‘google juice’.

    I have downloaded and installed Role Manager. From there I was able to create roles for the hierchy I described. Now to figure out how to limit a user to a category or sub-cat. From there I will need to figure out the email notifications.

    Did you ever figure out the role-based email notification? I’ve been trying to figure out a solution for this myself…

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