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  • After trying for days to work out why image uploads only work when the folder is CHMODed to 777, I think I’ve worked out that my domain doesn’t have the right permissions to write to itself. Bear with me…

    Uploading will only work when I CHMOD the uploads folder to 777. It won’t work on 755, meaning that the domain isn’t recognising itself as being the owner and therefor able to write to the folder.

    This problem is on a new Linux dedicated server. I’m sure all I need to do is set permissions so WordPress can write to its own directories.

    How can I do this?

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  • The only way on most servers is to leave the folder wide open to the world at 777 – which is a VERY bad idea. There have been people who’ve been able to set it 777 for the first upload, then set it back to 755, but I’ve not myself been able to do it that way.

    There is also somewhere some discussion of the fact that host providers seem to have apache set up so that world-writeable is a necessity for this sort of thing, you could check with your host to explain the problem – see if they can offer any info on changing it. I did ask my host provider, and their response was that it just had to be that way due to shared space or some such (hmmm. Actually, that was my previous provider; guess I’d better check with the new one….)

    Well this is a dedicated server. There’s only one website hosted on it. I’m positive all I need to do is figure out how to the domain to be the user so when I CHMOD my files to 755, it recognises the domain as BEING the user.

    Annoying, because it’s probably so simple.

    Well, isn’t this something your provider could tell you how to do? Failing that, maybe dig through the apache and/or linux documentation?

    Yeah I’ve emailed. No response yet. I’m hoping someone knows the solution as it appears to be a simple problem that I’ve just not encountered before.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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