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  • For some reason, the captcha-temp file seems to periodically revert to unwriteable blocking all new registrations.

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  • Please explain in more detail the permission it reverts to and what you change it to to make it work again.

    And is there a related event to when this occurs, like just after updating the plugin?

    Thank you for your quick response. It reverts from 777 to 755. At 755, it doesn’t allow user registrations. Not sure about the update. I have many plugins. When was the last update for this one?

    It probably happens during the plugin upgrade, the last upgrade was June 2, but you could have installed it anytime after that.
    Please test something for me so I would know if making a code change would help or not:

    1. look at the permissions of the folder captcha-temp
    2. delete the folder captcha-temp
    3. open a page on your site with the captcha, like a comments page that shows it.
    4. Did the folder regenerate on its own? (it should)
    What is the permissions now?

    Then edit the si-captcha.php file
    find this code in the function si_captcha_init_temp_dir:

    wp_mkdir_p( $dir );
    @chmod( $dir, 0733 );

    change it to:

    wp_mkdir_p( $dir );
    //@chmod( $dir, 0733 );

    repeat steps 1-4, then let me know the answers of #4 after the change

    If this fixes it, i can make the change part of the next version i release.

    No, it did not regenerate. I even entered the captcha code just in case I had to a little further and it generated the message below. Should I still make the code change? OR should I uncheck the box as mentioned in the error message?

    ERROR: Could not read CAPTCHA token file.
    There is a problem with the directory /si-captcha-for-wordpress/captcha-secureimage/captcha-temp/.
    The directory is not found, a permissions problem may have prevented this directory from being created. Fixing the actual problem is recommended, but you can uncheck this setting on the si captcha options page: “Use CAPTCHA without PHP session” and the captcha will work this way just fine (as long as PHP sessions are working).

    Try unchecking the setting “Use CAPTCHA without PHP session”
    Make sure it works. It will not need the captcha-temp folder.
    That might be best for your server setup.

    That’s what I did and it works. I’m going to call it a day. Thank you for quick help. I also changed my to “it works.”

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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