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  • is there a way to have multiple authors while only allowing them write permission in a certain category?

    Example: author number 1 can only write to category 1, author number 2 can only write to category number 2 ect..

    Thanks for your time….i have looked over the support forum and did not find anything on this topic ..if i missed it..please forgive

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  • i have wondered this as well.

    I have a similar request; instead of forcing authors to post in a specific category, would it at least be possible to assign them a different default category? ‘Authors’ should in my opinion be given a fair amount of trust, not forcing them to post a specific way. Would be great to avoid a lot of uncategorized posts in a multi-author blog if John and Maria would be given the differend default categories of ‘John’ and ‘Lisa’..

    My first week as a WordPress user, do someone else know if this can be done/can be made done?

    Maybe this plugin from Owen.
    Limit Categories

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