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  • joswrigh1


    I’m trying to allow users to be able to upload attachments.

    I have Paid Members Subscriptions installed also which adds a user role of subscriber but that shouldn’t effect anything as the subscriber still has the role of ‘Participant’.

    This (Participant) role is allowed to upload attachments in the settings menu, but when logged in as a ‘Participant’ I can’t see the add attachment feature?

    However the admin ‘Keymaster’ can see the attachments features.

    Please can someone help me?

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  • joswrigh1


    Can anyone help please?

    Plugin Author Milan Petrovic


    Can you test without other plugins and default themes to confirm it works, then enable plugins back to see when it breaks?

    It seems be conflicting with the ‘Paid membership subscriptions’ plugin. As there’s 2 user roles aligned to a user. ‘Subscriber and Participant’.

    I have installed User Role Editor and want to add the capility to upload images the user ‘Subscriber’

    Do you know what the capability ID is?


    Ok so i’ve narrowed it down to:

    Subscriber – No permission to add attachments regardless of GD BBPress settings.
    Editor – Enables the permission to add attachments.

    Wondering if there’s something in the user roles editor for subscriber i can enable thats enabled in the Editor user roles settings that will make it work.

    same problem for me: I’m using bbpress 2.6.3 with GD and over the last version of wp5. I defined some mime types I need on the site, eg the extension .nvn (plain\text). I noticed that Participants cannot upload these newly defined mime types, why?
    Keymasters do it without any problem. When a participant tries, he gets the error “Sorry, this file type is not permitted for security reasons” as it was not permitted.

    I made some tests me too – please see this topic I opened on bbpress site:

    I didn’t found any suitable capability in User Role manager to handle that, and the error persists.

    Hoping we can find a solution

    Plugin Author Milan Petrovic


    I posted on bbPress too, but if you defined .nvn as plain/text, and the WordPress reads the file, and it cames back as something else (maybe application/octet or something else), then the upload will fail and you will get the security reason message. Whatever extension you use, you must set correct mime type. Also, for plain text, MIME type is ‘text/plain’.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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