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  • Hi have a big issue with my site where all the thumbnail images are missing. Also I can not add any new fields to my menu or click on and access the existing pages. Some plugins also stopped working.

    I contacted the people who made my theme but they are not helping and suggesting things like, un-istalling all the plugins etc, but a week later I still cant get a serius response from them.

    I’m thinking WordPress may be part of the problem here too, well basicaly this is what my hosting provider said….

    “The engineers have stated that this appears to be a permissions issue where the site itself does not have permission to access the required files, or the required PHP script does not have execution permissions.

    I would recommend speaking with the WordPress support team or the developers of the theme/plugin and they may be able to provide more information and more support in regards to the issue in which you are experiencing.

    Unfortunately without knowing the required permissions for the theme on your WordPress installation we would be unable to assist further. The developers of the theme would know this information.”

    Is anyone able to help me?

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  • It’s hard to give you an exact answer without understanding your hosting environment. As a rule of thumb, assuming you are hosting on UN*X and running Apache, you need to make sure that your Apache user has permissions to at least read all the files in your webroot.

    I am surprised that your hosting provider seems to be so unhelpful in helping you with this, as it is their web-server and presumably they are the ones who configured it.

    Can you share more details about your specific install, ie., WordPress version, your type of hosting (LAMP, WAMP etc.), are you on a dedicated server or a shared server, a link to your site would be helpful too.

    Hi Max

    Thanks for responding.

    WordPress version 3.4.2

    Shared Server

    My provider is LCN

    and my site is

    As you can see from the home page all the thumbnails are missing, I tried uploading new images but they do not show up either. The menu bar is not responding and all the pages apart from Home are also missing, again I am unable to add anything to the menu bar, the site just gets rid of it as soon as I save changes.

    really strange, I’m afraid its outside of my knowledge.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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