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  • Hi,

    I have a strange phenomenon on one of my client’s pages. For some custom post type permalinks, set in the URI editor, the permastructure tags are not resolved correctly.

    E.g. I have a custom post type with a given slug name “das-magazin”. When in the uri editor I write “%magazin_slug%/post-title” and hit save, the result is not “/das-magazin/post-title” as expected but rather “%magazin_slug%/post-title”. So, the permastructure tag doesn’t get resolved.

    Do you have an idea, why this is?

    Thanks and best

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  • Plugin Author Maciej Bis


    Hi @ninablue,

    I apologize for the inconvenience. Generally speaking, the permastructure tags are resolved only for default permalinks that could be edited via “Tools -> Permalink Mangaer -> Permastructure” settings panel.

    Therefore, even if you decide to use a raw permastructure tag (eg. %magazin_slug%) in URI Editor for an individual post, Permalink Manager will not be able to recognize it.

    If you would like to automatically use the custom post type slug, please simply use ‘%post_type%‘ tag in Permastructure settings.

    Best regards,

    Thread Starter ninablue


    Hi @mbis ,

    thanks for your reply. I use the Custom Post Type Permalinks plugin of Toro_Unit. By using this plugin the magazin slug is being included in the allowed permastructure tags of your plugin, although the tags are not working. Perhaps, you can have a look at it.

    Apart from that, I will try out %post_type% tag. Thanks for the hint.

    Best regards

    Thread Starter ninablue


    Hi @mbis,
    also the posttype tag %post_type% is not being resolved correctly and ends up like this in the URL: /%25post_type%25/globetrotter-magazin-19-herbst-20/
    Do you have an idea why this could happen?
    Thanks for your support and best

    Plugin Author Maciej Bis


    Hi again @ninablue,

    I think I know what is the problem. I will try to explain it again with additional screenshots.

    The permastructure tags will work only in the permastructure settings. The permastructure settings (with tags) are used for default permalinks:

    It is not possible to use the permastructure tags if you would like to manually adjust individual permalink (via URI Editor). That is the reason why they are ignored in the URI editor.

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