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  • Can we do something about the new warning
    Misconfiguration leads to mail delivery failure or other troubles. Validate your contact forms now. ยป Validate Contact Form 7 Configuration
    I realize that some people need to be reminded but I’m a developer and I find this to be quite annoying every time I add this plugin to an new site and it appearing on every page of the site. It would be nice to have a way to permanently dismiss this message.

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  • Same problem here. My form will not send if I not put in a “From” adress with the same domain as the site. The site runs on a subdomain and there is no mailadress with this subdomain and also no need to have one…

    I get the same warning as John and the form also doesn’t send.

    Even the validation errors are quite annoying…

    “This email address does not belong to the same domain as the site.”

    I use SMTP. The email addresses I use here will never belong to any domain that I build. Having my clients see these messages will just confuse them.

    These continuous warning and error messages are unacceptable and there needs to be a way to dismiss them when they are meaningless.

    For others like myself that are not interested in seeing these errors and warning, this seems to effectively remove them until such time that there is some other way to accomplish it. Add this to function.php

    add_action('init', 'remove_cf7_error_filters');
    function remove_cf7_error_filters() {
      remove_action('wpcf7_admin_notices', 'wpcf7_notice_config_errors');
      remove_action('admin_notices', 'wpcf7_notice_bulk_validate_config');
      add_filter('wpcf7_validate_configuration', '__return_false', 20);


    This seems like a classic developer style error message that means nothing to ordinary users except to scare them, and for the technical users does not actually usefully point to a definition of “misconfigured”. I’m going with the functions php hack ๐Ÿ˜€



    Here is the official (not that helpful) explanation of this ‘feature’ from the plugin authors:

    What it seems to want versus my previous setups is:
    a) the from field has to be an email address that is the same domain as the WP installation; set the Reply-To using the email address submitted through the form, i.e.
    Reply-To: [your-email]

    b) If you are using Subject = [your-subject]
    then it expects you to make the
    [text* your-subject]
    mandatory in the form using that *

    This is pretty much the last straw for me with Contact Form 7. It’s clunky, hard to use and the support is poor. So many other contact form plugins have overtaken it, I’m surprised it’s still bundled as standard with most themes…

    To force a change in behaviour on email addresses that people have been using for years with no trouble, and having an error message you can’t dismiss – very very poor.

    Mike Haydon


    I find it ridiculous to have an unkillable nag over something like this. If the mail doesn’t send, it’s misconfigured; we don’t need a constant reminder. If it does work, we don’t need the reminder. Poor programming.

    I am still happy with contact form 7, and with all the improvements the developer has made. I have been using it for many years on 20 sites and growing.

    I like the validator. Email can be tricky, and the worst thing is when it just disappears into the void with no notice on sender or receiver side. You just have no way to know. The validator is helping me catch things for that. I’m fully in agreement with the author’s concerns at

    As a developer, i *want* to see errors. all the errors! even if trivial.

    All i want, and i think what most of us want? is in the title of this thread: to be able to click and dismiss that warning that shows on every admin screen. I don’t mind if it is persistent on the contact form screens themselves, but it is annoying to see it on every admin page. Really i don’t think any plugin should put its messages on all screens. Very intrusive. Have it show only on the contact form screens.

    I’m going to try the useful code given by John Huebner above, and hope that one of those actions just dismisses the persistent message, and not the validator itself. And hope that the CF7 developers will get time to add a fix.

    Thank you contact form 7!

    ok puppies, i got what i wanted, maybe you will too:

    add_action(‘init’, ‘remove_cf7_error_filters’);
    function remove_cf7_error_filters() {
    /* removes the annoying admin-wide CF7 misconfiguration notice: */
    remove_action(‘admin_notices’, ‘wpcf7_notice_bulk_validate_config’);
    /* removes the notices from validation: */
    // remove_action(‘wpcf7_admin_notices’, ‘wpcf7_notice_config_errors’);
    /* removes the validation functionality completely: */
    // add_filter(‘wpcf7_validate_configuration’, ‘__return_false’, 20);

    Thank you John Huebner for posting that code!

    @wpwalker, I agree, as a developer I want to see errors. My problem is the concern that these errors cause my clients because they don’t understand that I am aware of the issues and I’ve dealt with them, they just see the error and think I’m doing something wrong.

    But as a developer I know that using mail() or wp_mail() (which is just a wrapper for mail()) has issues, the biggest one you mention is that emails disappear into the ether. There are many, many reasons for this, and just putting in an that matches your domain name will not cure every problem, so from my point of view checking for this is a waste of time because it only gives you a false sense of “now it will be okay and I’ll get all my form submissions.” This is why I install a plugin for and set up SMTP for sending emails from a dedicated email address. Once this is done it really doesn’t matter what email address is in the “from” box of CF7 forms, since it’s ignored.

    @hube2 – oh right, of course! (hitting self on head) I forgot about clients, since i always work with people as the site admin. “As a developer i want to see errors” but yes don’t want to see any errors displayed to client. Or need the validation at all, like you say, you are handling it.

    thanks for more good info about mail(), using SMTP, etc. Of course that makes a difference too when a developer is aware of and handling these things.

    Am thinking that CF7’s validator is more useful for silly syntax errors in the fields, and for at least pointing less experienced site owners to info about the issues. If nothing else, maybe it limits the yelling at CF7 developers saying mail problems are the fault of the plugin ๐Ÿ˜€ It’s really hard to write things that please both the newbies and the experienced, don’t we know it ๐Ÿ™‚

    When I got this message:

    Misconfiguration leads to mail delivery failure or other troubles. Validate your contact forms now. ยป Validate Contact Form 7 Configuration

    I validated it and it created errors in my javascript and has changed my formatting.

    Any suggestions?

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