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  • For something I’m working on, I want the posts I am writing now to be displayed, in say 6 months time, just as they are today.
    I cannot use stickies.
    Basically, I want to turn it into a static display, BUT, I need to keep as much as is possible of the code untouched. It must look like a regular WP install, and behave like one insofar as when ‘Comments’ is clicked, the correct behaviour results.
    I do have a workround if this is not possible, but it’s far from ideal from an end user perspective.
    Any ideas ?

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  • I don’t quite get you, Podz, but I am interested in any ways to display articles that are not so dependant on chronological order. My site is not a ‘blog’ as such, but a collection of articles and information pieces, many of which will be as current 5 years from now as they are today. Having the date attached to the article can sometimes give the impression that the article is “out of date” … if you get my meaning. If your idea helps me to overcome that I will certainly try it out.

    podz – I know a bit about what you are doing – the whole point of the demo being that it works for the default index. That rules out most solutions. For something simple how about get all you stuff into cats. Write your intro last. Set general to show one post only. Then when you add you need to *edit* the front page post. No change necessary just update the date. Crude but effective?

    Yea, I’ll just have to play with the date I think … or I may yet try my other solution after I’ve found a program I need….

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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