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  • I am having problems with the way 2.5 handless permanent links.
    How do I stop wordpress from changing what I input in the category, tag and post slug?
    Following examples of how wordpress modifies the entries I make.
    Category slug
    I enter: “Hats” and entry is converted to “hats”
    Child category Hats/Black
    I enter “Black” and enrty is coverted to “black-hats”
    Tag slug
    Enter: “Shoes” converts to “shoes”
    Enter: “John-Smith” converts to “john-smith”
    This is a big problem for me because I am trying to convert old content to WordPress blog and I don’t want to get 404 errors when someone comes from search engine. I would like to be able to enter what I want to enter and not have wordpress edit my entries. How can I turn this function off.
    Please help!

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  • Can someone please help?
    How to I prevent Wordpess from making slug all lower case and adding main category name to subcategory in a slug?

    Justin Tadlock


    WordPress God

    There is no difference between John-Smith and john-smith. Typing this in the browser will get you the same result.

    My blog, for example:

    Both of those URLs are the same.

    Now, child categories are a bit different. If it’s a child, then logically, it would have the parent name in the link. I’m sure there’s some fancy .htaccess trick you can do to fix this though.

    Thank you greenshady for trying to help, however my server is case sesitive and it will not give the same result for folder name with mixed case or lower case. Only when it comes to main domain name case does not matter.
    Does anyone know where one can get help on this subject?

    All I want is to be able to retain slug info I enter without wordpress changing it’s case or adding main category name at the end of the subcategory.

    It’s frustrating when software change data input.
    I would appreciete some direction on where to get help.

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