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  • Hey all —

    First and foremost, I’ve been using WordPress on my personal sites since 2004 and I know the product well enough that I don’t get lost on screw ups and issues, but I have an install of WordPress on someone else’s server (their own server) that is vexing the hell out of me because of errors.

    First off — WordPress is used in this instance as a front page install that leads in to a vbulletin install.

    WordPress is installed on a separate DB compared to vBulletin, there is no Vbulletin bridge installed. WordPress is in it’s own directory and has it’s own .htaccess file. Which gets into the problem a bit.

    Mod_rewrite rules are active on this server. You can verify it by browsing and viewing the URL’s for different posts. vbSEO is installed to make this possible.

    That being said, if you’ve taken a look at that FanHome frontpage (or more directly ) you’ll see by trial and error (trying to view individual posts) that the mod_rewrite rules aren’t working. Well, they are working (if you mouse over a title of a front page post you’ll see the target is a neat permalink but when you click on the title/link… You get sent back to the front page.

    Whiskey – tango – foxtrot?

    I think the .htaccess file has something to do with this but I dunno for sure. (BTW – I am not DB administrator if that has something to do with it). I say this because at times I’ve edited the .htaccess file or tried changing the structure through WordPress and the file does not seem to be getting written for whatever reason. I’ve gone from high security on the chmod to low security in attempts to jump start things and each time – nothing gets changed by wordpress (which is a contradiction to what i’ve had happen in the past with other WordPress installs elsewhere — WordPress kept forcing changes and what not).

    Please let me know if you have any ideas on this issue… Thanks.

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  • When I hover over the permalinks the portion /wordpress/ is missing from them! Which means you practically have a 404 (not found)… but because you do NOT have such a file (404.php) in your theme – it always gets back to your index (WP’s default behaviour).

    Since 2.x the htaccess file is always the same, the rules are stored/modified internally, but you need the htaccess to be writable (666) when modifying the permalink structure.

    What are the 2 URI values in admin > Options > General?

    Moshu, I think you solved this by just pointing out a simple error (right now that blog is down so people can skip venturing to the links. The internal server error is caused in part by the solution).

    It’s the base URL links. I say specifically that FanHome’s wordpress blog install is at but the install is supposed to represent We have the base domain name pointing to wordpress to begin with so it’s moot to say the domain path is different is part of the error.

    I feel stupid because I’ve been thinking it was .htaccess or mod_rewrite for MONTHS. You noticed the missing extension in the permalink path. That’s so friggin’ obvious.

    I’m waiting to hear from our tech guru (the guy who handles most server functions but not WordPress) about the Internal server error, but I’m banking on the idea that the conflicting URL’s are the reason the URI’s and permalinks don’t work.

    Well, if you have WP installed in a subdir but you want the blog to be displayed at root… you should read the documentation before attemtipng to mess with the htaccess and other stuff 🙂

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