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  • Will permalinks work with static pages on an Apache v 1.3.33 Unix server? For the life of me I cannot get WP to write to the .htaccess file. Both of my current hosting services (one is very well known) says they will not be updating to Apache v2 anytime soon. 🙁

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  • Could someone help, please. I’m on a hot project (as I’m sure everyone else is) and need to know if I should switch hosts or find a different blog tool. I’ve used blogger but its not nearly as flexible as I’ve so far experienced with WP. Thank you in advance.

    Moderator James Huff


    Will permalinks work with static pages on an Apache v 1.3.33 Unix server?

    Of course! The were designed to run under an Apache server. See:

    Quote from the Codex:
    Note on using %category%
    %category% does not work correctly with mod_rewrite in Apache versions prior to 2. If you are using Apache 1, do not use %category% in your permalink structure.

    It doesn’t say anything about Pages. Further details:

    Yes, I am trying to use %category%. Perhaps there is something else I am doing wrong too. I want to create a Page for each article I am writing. I want the Page name to be a directory name on my site which is why I was using %category%.

    For example:

    Each one of these URLs would go to a different article. I dislike long URLs and I’ve seen other WP users doing this, like this one:

    I like the way she has WP setup on her site, and I’d love to know how she did it or if I need a different hosting provider. But no contact info on this site. 🙁 Any help you can provide would be great. I need to get this site up and running this weekend and I really hate to use Blogger.

    I’m not really intending to use WP for a blog but as a CMS since it is more flexible and less complicated than most CMS and XHTML/CSS blogs rank higher in search engines.

    1. If you are using Pages for your articles (as opposed to posts!) you have nothing to do with the %category% in the permalinks. Just using the nice permalinks, Pages should have URIs like
    When writing a Page (or a post for that matter) even having a title 10 words long, you can define the page-slug (see your admin panel) as a one-word slug – and that’s what is used by WP to display the URI of your Page. If you do not alter the slug, WP will create one automatically… 10 words long from the title.
    2. The Codex reference to %category% means that for posts on servers using Apache pre-2 you cannot build something like – where “dailynews” would be a category in your blog’s structure in which you make a post (NOT Page!) today about mosquitoes.

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