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  • My permalinks have -2 or -3 at the end of the link on the live site. I attempted to remove these from the slug and the permalink itself and it just sets itself back to

    How can I remove these unnecessary link extensions?

    I had to upload the same custom templates multiple times until I got them right during production.
    I think t has something to do with this.

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  • Edward Caissie


    Theme Review Admin, The JellyBeen Man

    I’ve seen this happen when you have multiple pages with the same (or similar) title … are there other versions of the “Contact Info & Directions” page?

    These pages that are live now used to be named Contact Info – New, Referrals – New, Professional Profiles – New, etc.

    Then I trashed all the old pages from the Dashboard like Contact Info, Referrals, Professional Profiles, etc So I replaced the old pages with the new pages.

    Edward Caissie


    Theme Review Admin, The JellyBeen Man

    Did you also empty the “trash”?

    I just emptied the trash.
    Now the permalink on each dashboard page allows me to remove the ‘-2’ but when I updated and refreshed the web page it came up not found. I added the ‘-2’ back to the permalink and the page came back.

    When you refreshed the web page, was it still showing the “-2” in the URL?

    Try setting the slug however you would like it, and then rather than refreshing the page, click “view Page” from the Edit/Quickedit screen.

    That worked.
    Thank you.

    Would you mind educating me here.
    What’s the difference between the permalink and the slug?

    “Slug” is the text string unique to the Page, and is part of the Page object, i.e. $page->slug.

    “Permalink” is the URL to the rendered version of the Page. If Pretty Permalinks are enabled, then the permalink will use the slug as part of the URL.

    So, if your Page is “About Us”:

    “Slug” = about-us
    “Permalink” = http://mydomain.tld/about-us/

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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