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    Is it possible to adjust the .htaccess file such that only Pages will be affected by my Permalinks Settings? If so, how would I go about achieving this?

    My needs are simple: I need my Pages to have custom URL permalinks, but I need my Posts’ URL permalinks to be untouched (using the default permalink structure).

    The solution does not need to be a modification of the .htaccess file. I am actually open to any solution there is in this area. I have been searching plugins but found none that do what I desire. Any recommendations?

    [I know this request is a bit odd… so here is an explanation: The reason why I am looking to do this is because I am using Quommunication’s Video theme, and unfortunately, the Video playlist (a series of Posts) breaks when custom permalinks are turned on. (Also unfortunate is the fact that the developer(s) no longer give support for the themes, but still have their themes up for sale…)

    So yes, Page permalinks can be pretty… while Post permalinks will have to remain default for everything to work properly.

    Previous posted solutions no longer apply (I believe they made an update to the theme after that post), and I was unable to find anyone else trying to accomplish something similar (or if they did, I couldn’t find their solution(s) after my search). Thus this.]

    Any and all help is appreciated. Thanks!

    Also, there are very few Pages on the web site (less than 7), so it is not an issue if I have to set the custom URLs individually.

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  • 1) there is a url rewriting plugin out there. They will all generate extra database dips per page load

    2) apache mod rewrite

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