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  • I’m currently trying to decide if I should stay with drupal or switch to wordpress. In drupal it’s possible to define a custom url for a post/node/page. For example I could have a page with the url ‘dismantle_your_car’, so to reach that page I would use Other pages, and this one, would typically have a name like ‘node/123’ so to reach any page/post/node I would use

    I tried to figure out if it was possible to do something similar in WP but so far I haven’t found a solution. Yes, I see that I can define a permalink like “this-is-my-dismantle-my-car-tutorial” but I would like to be able to define custom names just for certain posts and let the others have some default name like year/month/day/title

    Is it possible to do this? (I hope I managed to make myself clear what I want to do)

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    WordPress Pages with pretty permalinks would do this.

    For example on my site I have

    Where Cheap Plastic Stuff is the name of a Page I wrote.

    Yes, but as I understand it this means that the URL is based on the title (although I assume the title can be changed later so that URL and title is different) and that all post have this kind of links?

    On the site I’m considering using WP instead of drupal I got a number of pages with custom names, so what I basically want to do is to be able to keep these URLs intact and in the same way be able to define the url for new pages while keeping blog entries in the form Y/M/D/name.

    I played around a bit with redirects in the .htaccess file and came up with something like this

    redirect permanent /subsub

    it seems to work (on an almost empty site). Is this the way to do this? Are there better ways of doing it?

    Did you look in the plugins? I know there is a redirect plugin…

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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