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  • I have problem with permalinks. I guess it started about a month ago (wasnt visiting my blog – to often) – i lost almost 95% of traffic, due to pretty links redirecting to customized 404 page.

    So it seems that hosting changed somehow.

    I have the .htaccess file ok (it changes when I modify the settings in control panel) – so the most obvious problem is not the case. I’ve read throught the tips and troubleshooting page.
    The regular Ids work correctly.

    The server has some php 5.x version, apache. I dont have access to httpd files etc.

    I’ve noticed 1 thing. When I use default setting (ID urls) and try to access pretty url – it redirects to server 404 page. when I have permalinks ex month and name on – it redirects to customized 404 page.

    please help – i lost almost all trafic and google positioning due to 404s 🙁

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  • It’s hard to debug this without knowing more information, like what your permalinks were set to originally, or what they’re set to now — and are you using any plugins that may temper with the permalinks? like “Custom Permalinks” or such?

    The best idea is set them back to what they originally were set to.

    no. I only use built in panel: permalinks were set to: Month and name(/%year%/%monthnum%/%postname%/)

    without even any tag modifications.

    did you tried flushing permalink? Just visit the permalink page. then check if you still having 404.

    tried saving, and changing evey opition couple times – didnt help.

    just noticed 1 thing.
    When I choose the /%postname%/ tag (alone) – the posts start to work. seems that there is a problem with date tags.

    but regardless – categories dont work – return 404.

    What is your site url? Try just visiting the permalink page (don’t save anything) then check again.

    i guess that visiting didn’t help

    Checked your site. Looks like archive page is working. But category has some permalink problem. Go to your permalink page and add a category “category” or “channel” whatever you want and then check again.

    added the “category” to the “category base” field, but it didnt change anything in url structure. strange…

    I see.. Now only things remaining.

    1. Try deactivate all plugins (if you didn’t before)
    2. Check on the theme for some bad code. Or try to download and install the theme again.

    It worked. Thanks a lot – I owe You one 🙂

    For future reference.
    I had a plugin running:
    Top Level Categories. it seems that it started failing after some recent WP update.

    Glad it worked! Mark this question as resolved from right sidebar.


Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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