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  1. Kantholz
    Posted 8 years ago #

    Hi, i need support, really quick if possible.
    I set up a new Homepage for the "Blacksandstudio"


    i created everything on my local Server (XAMPP, Windows based)(including Theme and Permalink Structure), then i installed WordPress 2.3 on the Server (in ./page/ subdirectory to avoid problem with the forum [./forum/]) and imported all the Posts, Categories, etc.

    So, i tried to get my old Permalink Structure:
    okay, it seems to work so far but if i click a "non forum" link on the page the url seems right but if i click i get a link like this:


    so my question is: what the hell is wrong with this?

  2. ponolan
    Posted 8 years ago #

    I also had a problem like this. My old permalink was date and name based (http://domain/year/month/day/post) and after I imported the exported db into a local installation I got errors and the data and name based option reads

    (*) http://domain/index.php/year/month/day/sample-post

    where year=2007 etc.

    I used a custom structure to correct it. Editing the options table via http://domain/wp-admin/options.php doesn't resolve the problem.

    I've no idea what's wrong but all I want to for now is test changes on an offline copy, as well as having a backup.

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