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  • my blog is not in the root directory – and Im using a theme (tiga-06). It’s located in
    When the pages such as “about” display, they do so as

    I wanted to have it display as (or about.html)- instead of page_id.

    it’s privately hosted, and I had copied the .htaccess info after changing the permalink option to date and time. There is an .htaccess file already in my root directory. I affixed the given code from wordpress admin area at the end of this. nothing happened. then it occurred to me that perhaps it belonged in the tiga-06 (theme) directory – so I put a different .htaccess there with only the given code, but the CSS for the page disappeared after doing that, leaving a big mess.

    I can’t understand WHY this is so complicated.. I know I’m not the first to want to do this – but none of the replies are simply put or fully explained (with examples). I do hope someone can offer me information. Thank you.

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  • You say “my blog is not in the root directory.” So, have you tried dropping the WP .htaccess in the top directory of your WordPress installation (and not your root directory)?

    Hi Kafkaesqui – after failing at the root level, I made a new .htaccess file with only the info wordpress gave me. That’s when the pages began to appear without any CSS (sigh)

    can I have 2 .htaccess files like that? I’m also using phplist, which needs some things in the root .htaccess.

    (to make things worse, my future plans are to move the blog to the root directory, but i’m content to figure it out here for now)

    oh – wait…… I re-read your response.. no I haven’t yet tried at the top directory of WordPress) I’ll go there to try it now.

    no luck – I put the .htaccess in the /wp/ directory – made sure I had it named properly, changed it’s permission to 644 – and then *all* the pages were messed up (no CSS).

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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