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    I have a permalinks problem with a wordpress 2.0.4 installation. I am using the site above as a sand box, and when i turn on permalinks, the site only shows the latest posts no matter on what i click.
    I have tried the /index.php/%postname%/ but that fails, in the same manner
    I have tried all the default permalink options but that fails, in the same manner.
    I have deleted all plugins and have reinstalled WP but to no avail.
    WP gives no errors when turning on permalinks.
    I am hosted at lycos uk.
    Any ideas please?

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  • One of your categories’ links looks like this:

    Notice the lack of a slash after the “uk”: that tells me you have a strange setting in the permalinks options. Are you sure there’s not a missing leading slash?

    Have you tried de-activating plugins? It’s possible one of them could be doing this as well.

    Hi filosofo,
    I have deactivated all plugins, and reinstalled wordpress, and now i’m using a nightly build from 5.9.06 but to no avail. I have set the permalinks to the default numeric setting. I think I will try moving to a different host as I have that luxury, and will post if I know more.

    The only thing that hasn’t changed is the database, which I am considering clearing, Then repopulating with permalinks on from the start…

    It is a test site, so am still playing to see if I can achieve my aim. It will mainly be a cms function for the site as my users love the interface.

    Well, you’re free to experiment as you wish, but if you’re trying to get a working site going I’d recommend against using a nightly build.

    Hi guys,
    With the release of 2.05, the directions for the.htaccess file were made clear. My .htaccess was not writable by wordpress. By following the instructions and adding the details to .htaccess, the problem was resolved. Please mark as resolved. Thanks

    PS Thanks Filosofo, for you efforts and comments

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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