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  1. Triplanetary
    Posted 5 years ago #

    According to the Codex:

    So, it is best to have at least two path segments in your post's permalink structure such as /%year%/%postname%/ or even /posts/%postname%/.

    The purpose for this, as most of you know, is because it prevents unnecessary database requests and such. My question is, when it comes to the primary blog on a WPMU install, which adds /blog to all the addresses anyway, would the /blog fulfill this purpose? In other words, can I set my permalinks as /%postname%/ without causing any problems? Since after all this would still result in the address being [domain]/blog/post-name?

    Or would it still be preferable to set it to something like /posts/%postname%/? I ask because [domain]/blog/posts/post-name is a little bit less attractive than the former.

  2. What's wrong with domain]/blog/year/post-name? :)

    And yes, I'd still do it.

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