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  • Dear WPSupport-Members,
    I recently changed my permalink-structure from default to /%category%/%postname%/
    Now my problem is, that the sites are still available by the default structure like ?p=333 etc.
    This results in duplicates with search engines.
    Any way to fix it?


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  • Hi @rikuxan,

    Even though you change your permalinks, the default ?p=333 will always still be available. However, they will be redirected to your permalink structure.

    Don’t worry about duplicates in search engine.. it should be removed after sometime as WordPress does a 301 redirect, which tells the search engine that the resource has been permanently moved.

    Okay, that’s a relief,
    thank you very much for your answer 🙂

    You’re welcome.

    Okay, I got a new concern connected to this issue.
    I believe this could affect basically all WP-Users. Readers using AutoPager ( at least with Chrome ) will see all posts with a higher postnumber ( e.g. p=333 and p=432 ) below the actual post, if they scroll down. Looks pretty ugly to me, i don’t know if it’s even fixable, but just so you know, if you didn’t already.


    Hi RikuXan,

    Is that a WordPress plugin? If so, try taking it up with the plugin author or developer…

    It would be also good to have a screenshot if you’re taking it up with the author…

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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