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  1. laurentlanglais
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Hi guys
    I have installed my WP site in local, but can't make the permalinks work. No I've done everything I "should" do on the matter: implemented the mod_rewrite in Apache, changed code in httpd.conf, creating a .htaccess file.
    The problem I think is that the wamp/Apache folder is read only. I have tried the command prompt, function ATTRIB -R, and also -H -S for hidden system files. It seemed to work but the folder stayed in read only afterward! I have installed a script to Take Control of the folder: same thing.
    I am thinking that as long as this folder stay in read only, Apache cannot write in it and therefore mode_rewrite can't work...Hence no permalinks on locahost!
    Any solution on the matter would be really appreciated, it's hard to test a site without permalinks!

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