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    my blog is

    Two days ago, I decided to dump the thesis them and move over to 2011. I changed the theme, got the right widgets in the sidebar and everything was fine.

    Since then, I’ve not done anything to the blog as far as I know.

    This morning, I found that I could not see any of the posts. When I logged out from the admin panel, I could load up the blog. However, clicking on any permalink (page, post, category etc) gave me a 404. Others, using a variety of browsers found that they could not use the permalinks either, but the blog front page was fine.

    Since then, I have.

    1. Disabled all plugins and resaved the permalink structure
    2. Removed all plugins with an FTP client and resaved the permalink structure.
    3. Tried a variety of themes
    4. Placed a new .htaccess file in the root directory and resaved the permalink structure
    5. Repeated steps 1-4 numerous times and in various orders…

    None of this has had any effect. When I click on a permalink, I get a 404 file but I can access the home page (as long as I am not logged in).

    I’ve tried following all of the suggestions I can find on this forum.

    Nothing has changed on my server.

    I am now at my wits end.

    Any thoughts?

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  • Further to the above. I have just noticed that I can’t actually see any posts or pages from my dashboard. There are posts there – I can see them on the blog (as long as I’m not logged in) but they don’t show up in the dashboard at all.

    thanks for any suggestions.

    Should I just nuke the installation and restore from a backup?

    I ran into something similar when I converted a site from another blogging platform to WP. Somehow all the posts got flipped from “Published” to “Pending Review” for their status, so they were visible when I was logged in, but when logged out produced the 404. That said, I could still see the posts in the dashboard, so maybe that’s not the issue here.

    I’m not sure what happened. But a couple of days ago, the problem resolved itself overnight without any input from me. Thanks Elshaddai for your input.

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