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  • I’ve been asked to take over management for an existing site, which includes a wordpress blog, which I have no prior expierence with.

    The permalinks are pointing to the “archives” folder, which according to the documentation is correct. The blog folder, however, also contains a “archive” folder (note the missing ‘s’).

    When a user clicks a permalink, they are directed to a “300 multiple choices” error page. If the resulting url is changed from “/blog/archives/” to “/blog/archive/” the corrrect page appears.

    Any idea how I would go about fixing this? The documentation mentions a .htaccess file which this site lacks.

    To sum up, this site contains a archives and a archive folder.
    New pages are being writting to both.
    Permalinks are pointing to archives, which don’t work.
    Altered links to archive do work.


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  • There shouldn’t be any physical folder with those names in a normal WP install! That’s the problem.
    What files are in those folders?

    My mistake.

    The blog is generated by Moveable Type, not WordPress.

    Mea culpa,

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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