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  • Is this possible?
    I want to do this: instead of pointing I want to use… I searchsed exactly 2hrs about this but did not find any solution 🙁

    I have only few posts in one of my blogs and I want to do use this type of rewriting urls.

    Thanks in advance,
    hope somebody will help me

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  • Try’s vhost plugin for WP!!

    I’m afraid this is not what I’m looking for.. 🙁

    so you are saying that you don’t want the categories to be the subdomain but you want the post-slug to be the subdomain.

    (post-slug is the alternate version of the title of a post)

    deeper look at this plugin – it’s okay but for categories, I need this for posts plus automation of the creation of the vhosts<=>posts 🙂

    mickemus, we wrote at the same time, yes, you have understand me absolutely right

    or, if possible,

    you got a spamming tool in the making?

    spamming tool in the making ?

    well a typical spam trackback site url looks something like this: which in some cases is

    Anyway.. just curious about the purpose of creating subdomains from the post name. You care to share 🙂

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    I’m going to lounch a musician’s (will keep it quiet before official release) fan site (wordpress powered) and I thought it will be better for my visitors to remember something like,, album-name-albums(albumgs is the category) … For first one I can use the plug in you gave me (thanks by the way;)), but for the 3rd one I’ll need to use something else instead of this vhost plugin…

    Cool… I guess that if you could settle for category you’d all be set.. Ie. all your posts in the category “Bio” would then show up on… I guess bio don’t change to much (except the weight 😉 but discography for example… every post about an album would have the album name as title and “discography” as category – result would be when you enter you would then see all the albums on that page. Lyrics would be the same etc etc!! Good luck! (alternatively, you may be able to hack Skippy’s plugin to go for post-slug instead 😉

    Thanks mickemus 🙂
    If I dont get other solution I’ll try to do your way 🙂

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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