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  • Hi! I develop a blog in spanish, and i wonder how to edit the permalinks to include the spanish characters ñ, í, ó, etc. in the url.ñol.html instead of

    Do i have to edit something in the MySQL? The encoding of my blog is UTF-8 but i guess thats not enough.

    I can write posts and get the permalinks written in chinese or russian but not in spanish (the accents or the ñ are not included in the url, i just get the normal “n” instead of “ñ” which is the spanish letter i need on the urls for better SEO as it is proper spanish or español : )

    Please any ideas? ^_^

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  • I remember i saw a post long ago on how to get german characters in urls like ü (über.html ), but i cant find it right now when i need it to get ideas on how to do it with spanish urls X_X

    I really need help or at least some ideas on how to solve this, anyone smart that knows this?

    I don’t think it would work… reading:

    Thanks! Moshu, thats a start ^_^ It is that i really dont get it, why i cant get urls with chinese kanjis ”中国.html ” in wordpress but not with spanish letters like ñ?ñol.html ? it seems easier to get ñ instead of n, but it i dont know how. Where is the code or command that is changing ñ for n, ó for o, etc? instead ofñ.html ? but as i am saying if i write a post with the title 中国 then in this case the url is not changed at all, and it shows the kanji ”中国.html “

    Sorry to bother you guys, but i really need this, thanks for your help ^_^

    X_X nobody helps me or gives me at least some ideas how to find a solution?

    i still have this problem, any ideas? i still want to see that the posts urls that have the letter ñ becomeñol instead of

    Hi there, I know this post is very old now,but thought I would add to it in case anyone searches for this prolem.As I have. I use wordpress 2.5.1 and now use the tiny MCE advanced plugin, as it enables extra buttons in visual mode, one of them is a character map, which gives characters I use in Spanish and German.
    Ñ the tilde on n
    ´ acute accent
    € and euro sign
    ü dierisis in spanish or umlaüt in german.
    Very useful feature.
    hope it helps someone.
    buena suerte

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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