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    I’ve read the documentation on permalinks, but I’m at too basic a level to understand it. My question is: is there some way to have a permalink automatically inserted at the end of a post (I don’t care at this point if it’s “ugly”, just so long as I don’t have to do anything like altering some file that I don’t even understand)? If not, can someone tell me the MOST BASIC AND SIMPLEST way to add permalinks to my blog?
    Thanks for taking the time to answer a complete novice.
    Peter Andrew

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  • Your safest bet is to go into your Admin page, choose the “Options” tab, choose the “Permalinks” subtab and then choose one of the default permalink styles.

    Yes, I’ve seen that, and I have the first default option checked. But now what do I have to do to include a permalink after each post? Is there some way to make the process automatic, or do I have to type sommething each time I want a permalink, and do I have to modify some file?

    The default behavior has the title of a post a link to the individual article. It will use whatever permalink style you have selected.

    Please clarify: If I finish writing a new post, choose the categories for it and am ready to publish it, what exactly do I need to do to add a permalink before publishing it (whatever is simplest)?

    Nothing. You do NOT “add” permalinks.
    Permalinks are created ‘on the fly’. And just to clarify: whatever you have in the settings, eg. the default <== THIS IS a perma(nent)link to your post.

    What we are aiming here is the so-called nice permalinks, when instead of ?p=123 you will have “your-post-title-as-a-link”.

    But once again: you do not add anything. You set the “structure” of the desired nice permalink in your admin panel – and WP does the rest for all your blog.

    Your original question: Is there some way to have a permalink automatically inserted at the end of a post?

    And the answer to that would be:

    That is the ‘template tag’ used in a WordPress theme template which will automatically display or output the permalink of a post.

    OH, okay! Now I think I understand. I was expecting that after my post, after it says Posted in _____ / No Comments, that there was supposed to be the word “Permalink.” But now I see that when I put my cursor on the subject line, it says “Permalink to ______.” So I guess I’m using permalinks and didn’t know it. Thanks for all your help.

    Oh, I see what you were after. In most WP themes every posts title automatically is a/the permanent link to that post.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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