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    Hey guys! Love your theme! It’s perfect for my user, save for one thing.

    When he uses the “Edit Page” link under the Panel title (at the front end) and then hits publish and View Page (at the back end), he’s being taken back to a single page view, not the front page.

    Since there will also be single pages where this is functionality is appropriate, I’m not sure how best to handle it. I’ve created a child theme ready to plug a function in. Any chance someone has a snippet I could use to achieve this?

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  • Not able to replicate this so far. I have a custom page set to the front page of the site. I click on Edit Page, get redirected to the dashboard for that page. Make a small change, click on Update and then the View Post link that shows up in the Editor and I get taken back to the front page of the site.

    You’re saying they get taken back to something like instead of just

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    @jarretc Yes, that’s correct. He’s getting taken back to the slug not the root

    When you say “custom” page, do you mean a page created in Pages > New Page? Or is there a custom post type I didn’t know about, specifically for the theme panels?

    I did try creating a CPT but still couldn’t get the link to cooperate. Also tried a few plugins for custom permalinks per post and redirect, they didn’t work either.

    This WP site has a mind of its own!

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    Also tried this in my site specific plugin, including postID as a string, to no avail:

    function my_custom_messages( $messages ) {
    global $post_ID;

    if ($post_ID == 157) {
    $view_page_link_html = sprintf( ‘ %2$s‘,
    esc_url( ‘’ ),
    __( ‘View Page’ )

    $messages[‘page’][1] = __( ‘Page updated’ ) . $view_page_link_html;

    return $messages;
    add_filter( ‘post_updated_messages’, ‘my_custom_messages’, 10, 1 );

    Hi there,

    If you click Edit on a panel that’s not the front page’s own panel, clicking the View link in the editor will take you to the single-page view for that page, yes. The View link in the editor is the permalink for that specific page, not for the site’s front page. Only the View link in the editor for the front page will take you to the front page. This is not dependent on the theme, but simply how the editor works.

    The theme displays pages you assign to panels on the front page, but those pages all still also exist as pages in their own right in the database and on the site itself, and the editor has no way to know whether or not a specific page is being displayed in any other locations by the theme. The editor only knows the permalink of the specific page you’re editing.

    To change where the View link in the editor goes, you need to change the permalink of the page, as far as the editor is concerned at least, to be the same as the front page. I don’t know if something like that is even possible, but I know it’s not something we can help with from the theme’s side. The advanced forum might be a better place to ask about something like this.

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    @kokkieh Thanks for the reply.

    I’ll look into custom permalinks for specific pages. Thanks for the tip!

    @jarretc Thank you also 🙂

    You’re both SUPER!

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