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  • hey guys,
    i’m trying to get the permalinks up and running but having some errors; hoping you can solve them.
    first off, my wp installation is in a sub-directory of my main site, so it looks like this: “/dialogue/”, dont know if that matters or not.
    my current rules are pretty simple:
    i copy and paste the mod_rewrite rules into my .htaccess page, load up the browser, and i get taken to this page:
    if i manually remove the “/dialogue” from the location, it works fine, everything is gravy.
    if i simply enter “/%postname%/” as the permalink i have to add the word “/archives” to the location to get it to work.
    why is that, and hos do i get it to work normally?
    i remember for about three minutes i had it working, but my OCD took over, and i had to fiddle with it more – and broke it, and can’t remember how to get it working.

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  • /archives/%postname%/
    is not recommended as you won’t be able to have 2 posts with same post slug.
    is not recommended coz you won’t most probably be able to access your backend as WP will consider wp-admin folder as one of the post.
    my suggestion, go with the default arrangement, its safe, proven and does not do bad in search engines…
    rest is your choice…

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