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  • As far as my setting, we have Custom Community Pro, Permalinks were set on post name. I had custom slugs for the main pages. Things were working.

    When I went to edit the index, which is my main welcome page. I go to pages, I click on Edit and it brings me to some other post. If I try getting at it in other ways (view the page and click the edit page link at the top) the same thing happens. A few of the other pages have this problem as well (they each go to different post but each one always goes to the same wrong post. (note Pages are going to Post) I have had this problem before with this site and I can not remember how I fixed it or worked around it.

    I can change the overall permalink setting back and forth to any of the options and there is no change in how it fails or the wrong pages it sends me to.

    Worth noting that if I view the post it sends me to and click Edit Post, it works fine.

    Also, several of the pages go to the correct page when I attempt to edit them.

    I don’t even know where to look to fix this, so any help would be great!


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    This is the same type of thing.. wonder why it was closed.

    Okay, narrowed it down to a conflict with custom community and their slider.

    On the pages with a slider manually placed in the html by their short codes… when I click “edit page” in WordPress it takes me to the LAST page/post listed on the custom community slider

    On other pages, the edit link works

    If I update the custom community theme version it works, but non of my widgets roll over and several of the their “custom shortcodes” break down… so I would rather not upgrade the theme right now.

    I can switch the theme back and forth (the new theme or any other say 2012, to edit the paged in html or add simple things) then back to the old theme for viewing. That WORKS, but that is ridicules.

    I can also try not using their slider and using some other one. But that is a pain.

    So any idea where I need to go to close something that must be left open so wordpress can “EDIT PAGE” and get to the page I am really on not the page the slider is showing?

    What shortcodes break?
    I have never seen this bug happen
    What version of the CC theme are you running?

    I have two websites: SITE 1: and SITE 2: Site 2 is a wordpress site and lately I have been editing pages and making SEO changes using the Yoast SEO plugin.
    PROBLEM: When editing my home page I will hover over the page name and a menu option “appears”. When I click this it takes me to SITE2 instead of the wordpress site that I am editing.
    BTW, site 1 is not a wordpress site.
    I am in real desperate need of help here . . . thank you

    Sorry, forgot to mention that I have done NO page redirects in Godaddy where the sites are hosted.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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