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  • I’m quite confused at the moment. I’m trying to set up a new blog but none of the links (archive, tags, categories, or even links to the entries) work. All I get is

    The requested URL /2008/10/ was not found on this server

    and similar error messages. As soon as I change the permalink structure to something other than default this happens.

    What makes me really confused is that I’ve got another blog running on the same machine (but on another virtual domain). I’ve checked the .htaccess files for both blogs and they seem identical (I’ve run a diff on them and they are identical). I’ve checked the config files for the different virtual domains and I can’t see any difference there either (that should affect this).

    At the moment I have no idea what could be causing this. Does anyone have a suggestion?

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  • After several hours of trying to debug the wordpress installation, the .htaccess file and configuration for the virtual domains I finally managed to get it to work. It turned out that I’ve managed (at some point in time, probably a couple of years ago) to set the server name in the default domain to the same domain name that I was trying to set up now!

    Lesson learned: Always document everything

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