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  • As noted here:

    Using permalinks in wordpress doesn’t scale. Works OK if you are using a dozen pages, but dies a slobbery death if you have thousands of pages.

    …which I have (thousands of pages, and looking to add more).

    After some research it looks like I may be able to turn off permalinks for most of my thousands of pages, but I’m migrating my site over to wordpress and my base pages do need to keep pretty URL’s. My about page needs to be /about, /contactus and so on.

    Does anyone have any thoughts on solutions? Either having permalinks on all pages across a wp install with thousands of pages, or having permalinks only for some pages? I don’t think 301 individual pages in my .htaccess is a proper solution.

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  • “There’s no particularly good all-around solution, unless you want to
    precalculate every possible URL and store them in a separate table
    with that URL as the index. Then it’s one query for all cases, but
    maintaining that table becomes difficult and problematic. It also
    becomes static, without the ability to adapt to new cases. Perhaps
    this is the way to go for the future, perhaps a plugin could make this
    sort of optimization by overriding the rewrite system. But it seems
    like more trouble than it’s worth, really.”

    Anyone with any ideas?


    SOLUTION: Set the permalink to /%year%/%postname%/ then it WORKS.

    REASON WHY IT WORKS: I wasn’t posting articles anyway and pages are defaultly set to display based on page name anyway!


Viewing 2 replies - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)
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