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  • Have gone into permalink settings and keyed in:
    into custom box.

    But now when I click on a page, it come up with an error saying missing link, page may be missing. And I have add to resort back to the default one.

    Have read the permalinks page on here and couldn’t understand it.

    Please help

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  • esmi


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    Is mod_rewrite running on your server? Was your .htaccess file modified correctly?

    Dont know what mod rewrite is, sorry. Had namesco create the wordpress files and upload them automatically.

    What do I need to change on that file and the htaccess file?



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    Dont know what mod rewrite is, sorry

    Ask your hosts if it is running.

    Are you getting any message when you modify your permalinks in Settings->Permalinks?

    It lets me key in the postname part and save it, with no messages. Only when I click on the pages in my site do I get the error messages:

    “Page not found
    The page you requested was not found on this web server. “

    Can’t see any file on server called mod rewrite. There is one called moderation.php

    Cannot see htaccess file there either



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    Your FTP client mat not be configured to show all files. The .htaccess file is often hidden by default.

    Ask your hosts if mod_rewrite is running on the server.

    FTP client shows all files, and htaccess not listed. Namesco use Zeus server which apparently uses rewrite.script but loaded that and it doesn’t work either. says that filename is not recognised



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    Have you tried asking your hosts for assistance?

    Not getting much joy from them at minute. Spent 3 days trying to fix this now

    I have been trying to fix the same problem but Namesco is not providing any support on this. Tey just point to a page with non relevant info. Rubbish service.

    Ihave now found the solution here:

    Copy the code into a rewrite.script file and upload via FTP to public_html folder.

    Namesco should put this in their support area as it looks like a lot of their hosting customers have the same issue.

    Hey Salsa

    I have been told that permalinks is not allowed with Namesco. You must have index.php/pagename and that the index.php part is always going to be there.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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