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  • Long story short, I’ve got to host WP on a host that says they fully support WordPress but doesn’t. They’re using PHP in IIS6 and that means for one thing the permalinks aren’t working right.

    So my permalinks are looking like domain.tld/index.php/page-name/

    Does anyone know if having index.php in there is going to hurt SEO?


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  • The thing with SEO urls is that search engines like the post titles to be in there (for instance top-8-ways-to-bake-yummy-cookies). I haven’t heard anything bad about having index.php in there- it’s just another piece of the URL like http:// and “.com” that doesn’t really affect anything at all. It might make a LITTLE bit of a difference, but it’s nothing to fret over.

    This probably isn’t the forum for this post btw- this is support specifically for WordPress- I would have stuck it in miscellaneous.

    Yes, having a bad permalink matters!!!

    but not that much. After all, contents are the king. It will not that much affect your SEO..

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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