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  • I have a WordPress site hosted by GoDaddy and my permalinks keep getting re-set from %PostName% to the default. As a result, when I pull up the site, all the internal links give a “Not Found”. I checked via ftp and saw that .htaccess was no longer there. The problem is easily fixed by just re-uploading the .htaccess from my backup. I can also fix it by going in to the WP dashboard and (where it still shows permalinks as %PostName) and setting permalinks to the default, then back to %PostName%.

    Whatever I do, though, the problem comes back again the next morning.

    I figured it could be a Plugin conflict, so I disabled all plugins. This made no difference.

    I also tried chmod .htaccess to 444. It still gets deleted.

    I don’t know what time of day this happens. Maybe it is when the date changes. I’ce checked up to around 10pm and its OK still. 7am next day and the .htaccess has gone.

    I don’t know what else to try now. Any suggestions?

    Website is

    Bernard Gibbons

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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