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  • Greetings wordpress. I have been studying the various types of permalinks, and understand three different types as defined by wordpress. My blog installed at my website currently uses the default “ugly” type with the P=235 variety.

    I don’t yet understand though, how to change them.

    What I would like to do is begin using the pretty type, not with the date info but the name of the post. I don’t feel a need to change my existing ones; they are what they are.

    Is there a setting or a way to configure my wordpress setup so that the permalink for any future posts will be of the pretty, name-of-post variety?

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  • if you update it now it’ll update all of them… just go to admin>options>permalinks and study the way you want it set up.

    Select custom and type in the stucture you want. For instance mine is


    This shows the post year, post month, and post name

    Just a note: changing permalinks affects ALL your posts, not only the future ones! You cannot have 2 different type of permalinks in a blog. All or nothing.

    Okay, thanks omitzgrey and moshu. I get it now. So, to make sure existing links aren’t broken, do i use the Permalink Redirect Manager?

    If so, i am not entirely clear on how to use this tool. Is there a way to enter in a previous post’s address, and indicate i want any links redirected to the same post with the new URL format?

    Thank you again.

    The “ugly” (default) permalinks ALWAYS work, even if you chose a pretty one. So changing from default to anything else – no need for any other action. Only when you go the other way around… 🙂

    That’s fantastic news! Are you sure? Any existing links out there in cyberspace will lead back to their original post?

    Thanks so much for replying.

    Yes he is. He’s the moderator 🙂 Lets say you have a post at url with post id of 20.

    2 months later it’s indexed and then all of a sudden you decide you want to use permalinks. No problem. is the same thing as

    The pretty link will = the ugly link by id post id number

    Note though, that once the permalinks are set and indexed in search engines, it’s kind of hard to change them later without adding some redirect rules. So find the permalink structure you prefer and stick with it.

    So find the permalink structure you prefer and stick with it.

    That should be written in big bold letters on the Permalink page in the admin 🙂

    Thank you 🙂

    Okay, great.

    Thank you moshu and omitztrey.



    Question: What if I have a static web site with structure or /services.php or /products.php and I want to switch to WordPress?

    How should I change the permalinks? Is it something like:

    How should I implement that “.php” to keep the same structure?

    Note: My current static pages will be written as posts or pages with comments disabled.

    Thanks in advance.



    Me again. Found this

    Note that this does not generate actual .html files. It is only an illusion. There is no benefit to this… some people mistakenly think it offers search engine benefits, and some want their permalinks to emulate those of another publishing system.

    I just want to keep my initial page structure, as I have lots of backlinks to my .php pages and a standard WP migration would kill them and all backlinks would redirect to home page or 404 pages.

    Is it OK to change the permalinks to /%postname%.php? Will they behave like on the old website? I will try it as soon as WP 2.3 final is out.

    I tried to change my permalinks from ugly to pretty, but when I do, all the links are broken.

    I’ve returned to the default. I really would prefer the other format. I didn’t understand my options at the time I started.

    Is there another way to do it?


Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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