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  • I posted this in the bug tracker ( but thought I’d mention it here as its rather…. pressing.

    Currently the single post permalinks (and ONLY those as far as I can find) are broken. Goes to 404. Anyone else found this? I’ve not done anything fruity, just installed it and upgraded my old DB. So this is “out of the box” behavior.

    Its wierd because I’ve not had this problem on the same host with other nightlies.. so something changed for the worse somewhere…

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  • maybe try deleting your htaccess file and then allowing wordpress to write to a new one?

    i had a similar problem…
    you can follow what i did in that post

    lawtai – tried that, as I realised there were some old rules in it.. same problem.

    jpettit – good suggestion, didn’t work, but while doing that I found out my problem! so thanks I guess 😉

    It seems to throw a wobbly on my structure – category/year/post_name

    I remove the category and it works FINE.. which sucks because I specifically wanted category. Guess its a bug in the rules generation then…

    Ok… the permalinks aren’t exactly broken, but they aren’t exactly working.

    Wherever you see “(.+)” replace it with “([_0-9a-z-]+)” in the .htaccess and that “fixes” it, but only if you use english (or the basic 26 char english alphabet for posts anyhow).

    The long and the short of it, after much discussion with Ryan is that unless you have Apache 2, WP does not work out of the box for categories right now.

    That seems a little bit ridiculous to me. Using the ‘category’ in Permalinks works *only* with Apache 2? Where were users going to be told about this? (It wasn’t on the Codex or in the instructions page itself, last time I checked.)

    The replacement given above doesn’t work for nested categories, btw.

    If this “feature” of WP isn’t working on most web servers, it should be fixed or taken out.

    I love WP. I’m still using it. (And yes, I’m even trying to fix it.)

    I’m just disappointed such a major flaw made it into a release version.

    I think the safest way around permalinks is to avoid .htaccess.

    You can use my WordPress tips on permalinks access.

    It doesn’t require htaccess, doesn’t require mod_rewrite. It is a simple and safe solution of the problem.
    The url’s generated are of the format:
    Post URL:
    Category URL:

    Let me know if you use it.

    I have tried both the Ungreedy and the Reduced rewrite plugins,

    … and they have not worked to make /%category%/ work as part of the permalink structure on Apache 1.3.x

    Can someone confirm for me that getting this to work is nigh impossible? I feel as though I’ve wasted alot of time on trying to get WP to work to do this, with false hopes.

    I just want someone to say “forget it!”

    Else, can someone how me an example of this working, and details of the environment in which this works?

    I did the .+ hack mentioned earlier. It works great for the permalinks, but the “pages” don’t work (unless I had the slug pointing to something already there).
    check what I’m talking about

    i’ve had a huge trouble with it, but adding

    /index.php/%blah%%blah% fixed it.

    If your .htaccess is not writeable (unix rights 777) then wordpress can not auto-update that file. Either set it to those rights OR manually update it. Not sure about older releases of WP, but WP2 gives you the code to copy and paste into your .htaccess

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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