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  • On my site I was playing with this, and I love the parmalinks … but I noticed that when I switched to them, some of the links break.
    For instance, if you go to this item all the pages will work fine. But if you you go there via the permalink, the page links just completely blow up. Of course, it’s presumably fixable in the template, but I thought I’d mention it, since it seems easy to overlook (in fact, if you don’t go there soon, you may not see the error at all 😉 )

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  • hmm… looks like maybe I can’t fix this in the template … see it’s the “index.php” part, without that, the link would work.
    I tried using:
    Pages: ‘, ‘
    ‘, ‘number’, ‘next page’, ‘previous page’, ‘%’, ”)
    hoping that the empty last parameter would cause it to skip the ‘index.php’ but I guess not.

    Well, it does break some other stuff. For example, pull up an archive page and then try to log in. Presumably it also breaks the register link as well as the rss/rdf links.

    Yes there are some link breakages with this change. I’ve already commited some fixes to CVS for this.
    For the links like login, register, rss, etc. They need to be absolute links rather than relative beacause otherwise your browser will prepend the current url to them.
    I’m working on the rest and will commit them to CVS as I find and fix them.

    yay, I’ll go get those. 🙂

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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