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  • Anyone?

    so wait… everything works just fine, but you think there’s something wrong?

    is there a chance to repost permalinks in db? Here is my problem described

    ile, what you’re talking about is ‘slugs’ not permalinks, permalinks are the entire URL.

    more on your thread.

    I obviously need to clarify my original ramblings 🙂

    When I write a post (and save) if I look in the GUID field in my wordpress database instead of being stored (as it did on 2.3 ) now there is instead.

    This has changed for no apparent reason since the upgrade to 2.51 and I (like many others I imagine) relied on this GUID value to use on my own custom pages elsewhere e.g. Display and link to the last 5 posts on a home page. So now rather than the links going to nice_optimsed_title_post.html they go to myblog/blog/?p=71 BUT the blog post heading is still nice_optimsed_title_post.html so effectively I have 2 links to the same post – 1 I want and 1 I don’t.

    Thanks again for any pointers on this.

    Ah I see… I have nothing to offer directly, but there are usually more ways to skin a cat.

    can I ask… why aren’t you doing this the more traditional way, and parsing your RSS feed on the other pages of your site?

    I too noticed this change, and I don’t welcome it. I’d much prefer that the guid be created from Permalink settings I have in the WordPress Options.

    so wait… everything works just fine, but you think there’s something wrong?

    The links work correctly, but are not the pretty URLs that WordPress outputs so effortlessly elsewhere. It’d be much better to use the Permalink settings instead so that the guid matches the Permalink (which is how it worked before I believe).

    UPDATE Just found this ticket on WordPress Trac: that concerns this exact issue.

    The functionality did change recently, but according to WordPress devs, it doesn’t really matter what the guid is, as long as it’s unique and never changes.

    That works for me — I just need to use a different method of using WordPress links on other sites. Right now I query the WP database and use the guid as the URL. I should probably just parse the post slug and date and create the URL based on the Permalink settings instead.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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