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Permalinks and Titles

  • I would like to have a shorter permalink than the title, however, upon publishing posts, WP auto changes the permalink to match the title.

    Is there a setting I’m aware of which is causing this, or would this action come from a plugin?


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  • Just below the page tile there’s the word Permalink and there are three Edit View Post and Get Shortlink buttons

    Click the Edit button, change the url that appears, click OK

    Pardon I was not clear…I edited the Permalink to my satisfaction and pressed Ok. Then, upon publishing the post, WP changes the Permalink to match the Title.


    You can change that click on edit and change the way you want.

    Allow me to try making my issue more clear…

    After creating the ‘Title’ of the post, I click ‘Edit’ and make the necessary changes to the Permalink, then click ‘Ok’.

    Then…upon ‘Publishing’ the post, WP automatically changes the Permalink to match my Title.

    I know I could go back into the Permalink to change it again, however, upon Publishing the post, it is initially send out, pinged, etc. with an improper Permalink.

    Based on the replies, it sounds like this is not a normal function and must relate to a plugin.


    Does sound like it

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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